Money Matters…

We have all had those months where we just think no matter what I do budgets cease to work for me because there are so many unforseen circumstances that how can I possibly manage my money better – so instead let’s wallow in our misery at the stores and buy some more stuff to fill our already overstuffed house! Trust me I am living proof of this trend that seems to be taking over today….. but then it dawned on me am I just making excuses so that I don’t need to be accountable for what I am truly spending each day?

We made the choice a long time ago that I would stay at home when my eldest son came into our world, then came along our 1st daughter number 2, our second daughter number 3 and now our little guy number 4 …. ummm who’s counting anyway! My husband has been really the fulltime provider for almost 10 years – I did try to work here & there for some extra cash but always the same result money was never enough to cover the day care & not to mention the exhaustion of coming home after working hard and still looking at a bucket load more that needs to be done.

So now as I kids are getting that little bit older & more independent – by this I mean toilet trained & know how to grab a drink from the fridge or a snack in the cupboard it makes me realise its time I really start thinking hard about where our finances are at. In this lifetime every person has the ability to earn a certain amount of dollars – but its how we use the dollars that count the most and ensures us the biggest return in the end. We really need to make sure that every purchase you make is important to you & isn’t wasteful like those morning coffees at $4.50 are they necessity some may say yes & I am one of those people … but when you think about 4.50 a day over a 5 day working week alone $22.50 over a year is $1170 – think of what a nice lump sum that would be at Christmas time, or even better placed in a saving account for 10 years wouldn’t that be lovely $11700 – that’s crazy ! I am not telling you to give your daily coffee up, its all about choices and what makes you happy & those around you. For me that daily cuppa is a pleasure it kicks starts my day & worth every penny. I just think its important to think of that small amount of change in a bigger sense & how many other purchases do we make daily with lose change that could really amount to so much more. So when parting with your cash think about wether or not the reward is worth it if yes go for it but if purely for convenience or just because you want it not because you need it then maybe rethink the purchase.

So I am taking the money challenge and avoiding those trips to the stores, & really loving spending time with my little guy at places like the local parks, library and just hanging out at home in  the backyard.

Another money challenge I have been doing is going to the reject shop (or any similar dollar stores) before I do my big shop. Often you can find name brand items heavily discounted eg shampoo, laundry detergent, snacks for school, paper towel etc. After this I check out my local Aldi and usually find I don’t really need to go anywhere else. A great way to cut down the grocery bill.

So I wish you all luck with your own money challenges … please feel free to leave our readers any tips on how you bring down those daily expenses we would love to hear from you.

Happy Saving X


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