Healthy Food for Kids

In today’s fast paced world filled with so many options it can be hard to know what’s actually healthy food for your kids. Many items are labelled as nutritious but generally aren’t great for your kids. Since becoming a SAHM again & having more time I realised how out of hand my convenience purchases had gotten & how easy it was for my kids to grab a unhealthy snack! Not to mention how much extra packaging we were placing into the environment. After much research & countless videos I have come to realise it’s best to make as many meals & snacks from scratch if possible to avoid hidden sugars & unknown additives. I know with work life juggle this can be hard to often do but maybe even I few
mindful swaps can help reduce their sugar/salt intake.

Some easy swaps for me were as follows-

* Unhealthy Sugar Filled Cereal or choc spread on toast SWAP I now make the first meal of the day a healthy one. My kids have weetbix for breakfast for school mornings, sometimes a drizzle of honey or fruit toppings like banana. On the weekends we usually have egg on toast or banana bread.
* Lunch is usually a sandwich or cruskits with cold meat or vegemite & cheese. I have purchased thermos for my kids to send them with a warm lunch usually leftovers from night before & they all love this! I think I have always kept to healthier lunch so no ready l swap other then thermos
* I used to buy the pre-made lasagna or ravioli SWAP now dinner I try to cook as much from scratch it often taste better & you know exactly what ingredients are in it. To help with the mad afternoon rush of activities I often cook a few meals on Sunday to simple heat up during the week. Main staples include homemade Lasagna, Stir Fried Rice, Meat & Veggies, Stir Fry’s, Slow Cooked Stews, Soups & usually once a week wraps which the kids love as they get to choose their own toppings.
* Packets of Chips/ Sugar filled fruit bars or rice bubble bars the list is endless SWAP try to keep a range on healthy snacks available like carrot sticks, cheese & crackers, plain Greek yoghurt with their choice of topping, piece of fruit or plain popcorn – so as to ease that after school hunger pains.

Have fun with it there are so many ideas for kids lunches and meal ideas that a little research can go a long way maybe even save you time in the morning and afternoons if you prep on the weekend, I am not perfect & my kids still get treats now & then but it’s not a normal occurrence anymore.

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