Organising a Baby Shower

So you’re the lucky friend or family member getting to organise the Baby Shower & stuck on where to begin. Well you have come to the right place for an easy step by step hassle free Baby Shower.

Step 1: As the old sane goes timing is everything. Usually Baby Showers are held in the last trimester between 6 to 8 months so provided the Mum to be is available during these two months I would work around these dates. It is always a good idea to check with family & friends when suits them best too, but obviously you won’t be able to always accommodate everyone but always good to keep this is mind when choosing a date.

Step 2: Where to host the Shower. Obviously it should be anywhere but the Mum to be’s place. It’s wouldn’t be fair for her to have to clean up after everyone & be hosting the day. If you can’t have at your place try the Grandma to be or another family member, usually they will be happy to have the event. In terms of décor it might be best to talk to the person holding the event about what you both think would work considering it is there place you don’t want to take over.

Step 3: Decide on décor is the Baby Shower for a boy or girl, or if unknown is there anything the Mum to be loves & would like to decorate her little ones room with for example Safari Décor, Colourful like a rainbow, city chic the list goes on! Once you decide this go for it … the sky’s the limit! Maybe think about organising a gorgeous Nappy Cake as a centre piece for the food table, and make sure to follow through the theme on your invitation as well !

Step 4: FOOD! Again depends on the time of day if it’s in the afternoon then have an afternoon tea – with little sandwiches, finger foods, cupcakes & a cheese & fruit platter (this is making me super hungry!) Drinks can be tea, coffee & champagne with strawberries … yummy! If over lunch obviously those sandwiches need to be bigger more fillings, maybe some warm food like sausage & spring rolls. If a breakfast shower try little pancakes with ice-cream or croissants with ham & cheese filling.

Step 5: GAMES… there are so many game ideas online but some good ones I have played are the following:

  1. Toilet Paper Measurement – How much toilet paper would fit around the mum’s belly. Everyone gets to take a strip of toilet paper off too their desired length of how big they think the mum’s belly would be, then at the end the Mum measures her belly with toilet paper whoever is the closest wins a prize.
  2. Don’t Say the word BABY – give everyone a diaper pin, or dummy on a chain & when anyone says the word baby whoever calls it gets to keep their diaper pin or dummy on a chain, whoever has the most at the end of the shower wins.
  3. My Water Broke – Buy a packet of jelly babies & freeze them in ice-cubes once guests have all arrived pour them a drink & give them the ice-cube with jelly baby inside. The first one who’s ice completely melts has to shout my water broke & they win.

It’s usually a good idea to have at least 3 to 5 games allowing sometime for opening the gifts towards the end of the Baby Shower everyone loves baby gifts so cute!

Happy Planning X

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