Taking Care Of yourself is being a good Mum

How I wish I could tell me younger self to make time for yourself too, it’s not selfish it’s necessary! But nonetheless I felt that was a luxury of time I couldn’t afford with 3 little ones at home all under 3. Most days I would live in my comfy clothes (aka pajama’s haha) the idea of taking a walk or reading a book or coffee with friends outside the home no kids in tow was not even something I would of contemplated. It wasn’t until my eldest started school that I really felt I was in the real world again, finally starting to make an effort with clothing & even a little make up. With time I came to enjoy getting to talk to other parents & meeting up for coffees in the day with or without our kids when they were all in school/daycare. No longer was I worried about what needed to be done at home because I mattered too! Today my kids are all in school & I make the time to exercise or get my hair done or meet with friends for coffee whilst juggling my household and Nappy Cake Business …. it really is a juggle being a Mum, we all really play many roles but I wouldn’t change it for anything in this world love our crazy bunch – just make sure to remember what makes your soul happy & make time to do that for yourself too Xx

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